Zobia Schools for Special Children

Education & Facilities to assist disabled children

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About us

Aims and Objectives


Zobia Trust was formed in the memory of Zobia Nazley 30/12/1993 – 04/04/2002

supporting disabled children  

Meet Zobia Nazley

Zobia Nazley, born 30/12/1993, she was born with Dandy Walker Syndrome. She stayed with us for 9 beautiful years and thanks to her being from the UK, we had access to healthcare, medical equipment and support.

It made us think about disadvantaged children around the world, especially in the poorer countries. Children that do not have access to education, basic facilities and families that do not know how to look after their disabled children. Thats when Zobia Trust was born.  

With the grace of the lord, we now have 2 special schools currently open in Azad Kashmir. All schools are 100% supported by donations and volunteers.